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Video: gnocchi met spinazie

-EN-Voor Libelle TV heb ik onlangs een gerecht gekookt, de gnocchi met spinazie van mijn Oma en Opa. Het is echt een familierecept dat op één van de vele losse blaadjes en velletjes in hun keukenla bewaard werd, vaak zonder beschrijving van de procedure, zoals in dit geval. Alleen de ingrediënten worden genoemd en voor […]

Spicy marinated sun-dried tomatoes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin “What do I do with sun-dried tomatoes from a bag?” is question I hear often. The ones preserved in oil are quite straightforward, but what do you do with plain dried tomatoes? Did you get or purchase some and would you like to prepare something nice with them? For example, […]

World Pasta Day: spelt pasta with lemon and broccoli

Hurray! It’s World Pasta Day! And therefore today we eat this delicious. incredibly easy to make spelt pasta with broccoli and lemon. Light, healthy and full of taste and fibres! As an added bonus, this dish is super fast and thus perfect for any working day. If you prefer a vegetarian/vegan version don’t add the […]

Gattò di patate, Neapolitan potato pie

  The gattò di patate (from the French gâteau) is a classic dish from Naples and surroundings. In the 18th century the Austrian Maria Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine married King Ferdinand I of Naples and brought her French chefs to the Neapolitan court. The influence of French cuisine is clearly noticeable in several dishes from the […]

Cheat bolognese sauce

  The real ragù alla bolognese takes time. A lot of time. Preferably between 3 and 6 hours of gentle simmering. This is because if you cook this dish really slowly and extensively all the ingredients almost “melt” into each other producing a beautiful sauce with perfectly combined tastes and textures. Exactly like a bolognese […]

Chia pudding with cocoa and pear

I got the basic recipe for this breakfast pudding from nutritionist & health coach Rolien Scheepbouwer. She passed it to me when we were working at our book “Gewoon gezond“. In the end this lovely little dish didn’t get included in the book and is thus now on my blog because it’s too good not […]