dr Franco Pignataro 6

Grapes, watermelons and more: Dr. Franco Pignataro srl in Puglia

A couple of weeks ago I was back in Puglia, the beautiful Southern…
yoghurt and berries/yoghurt en bessen

Good morning!/Goede morgen!

Good morning with this simple and delicious breakfast: goat yoghurt…
fried courgettes gefrituurde courgettes

Fried courgettes and courgette flowers

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR DUTCH It's Summer and if you have…
Madonna del Carmine

Images from Bari/Beelden uit Bari

A few photos from my recent visit to Bari, Puglia /July 2016)…
Pesto maken

Trofie with three herbs & salted ricotta pesto

I love regular pesto (it's one of the first things I've ever…
Couscous salad

Snapchat vlog nr. 5 (recipe): Sicily inspired couscous salad with broad beans & peas

Watch my latest vlog on Snapchat where I prepare a delicious…
Divine & Delicious Amsterdam

Snapchat vlog nr. 4: a walk in my neighbourhood (food & wine)

A walk in the neighbourhood where my cooking school/Italian catering…
melanzane aubergines

Cotolette di melanzana (aubergine schnitzels)

SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH Deze ‘aubergineschnitzels’ zijn…